Sanitation products

Sewerage treatment: a bio-augmentation product enhancing sewage treatment Pit latrine treatment: An eco-friendly biological additive used for the treatment of pit latrines and other rural-toilet types Drain cleaners: An effervescent tablet used to clean pipes, traps and drains (including septic tanks Oil busters: A lipase-enhanced product for grease traps and treating vegetable oils Urinal blocks: Environmentally-friendly alternatives to the harsh chemical (PDB) deo-blocks

Multi-purpose commercial and domestic cleaners

Earthstone offers a range of eco-friendly biological products for commercial and domestic users. We have detergents for multiple applications, including: Dish-washing liquid Bath and shower gels Hand washes

Automotive range

Our automotive range caters for the automotive industry, car wash and domestic motor enthusiasts including: Industrial car washes and premium automotive detailers (including waterless) Workshops and garages, including engine cleaners, degreasers and floor washes Window and glass cleaners Learn how to clean your car properly here
In partnership with OptimusBio, Earthstone provides access to specialist, bespoke enzyme product development that is tailor-made to various industry sectors.  We use natural eco-friendly bacteria that: produce several enzymes clean surfaces, systems and water by reducing wastes such as ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and COD Competitively exclude certain pathogenic organisms digest solids improve water clarity reduce odours reduce propensity for flies The bacteria are: Proven safe Indigenous, we do not import any bacteria with unknown effects on local ecosystems Produced with state-of-the-art production processes at the CSIR Quality controlled throughout the process Environmentally stable and scientifically tested  Earthstone’s Enzyme Technology provides tried and tested, environmentally friendly, enzyme-based cleaning technologies for.. Domestic Cleaning and Sanitation Multi-purpose Industrial Cleaning Water Treatment Automotive cleaners Agriculture Aquaculture
Our products work using biodegradable, eco-friendly products to add bacteria to the cleaning system. This bacteria grows and integrates into the system, producing active enzymes that break down organic compounds, out-competing other disease-causing bacteria
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