Water and Sanitation

The Problem...

When   it   comes   to   water   and   sanitation,   there   are   numerous   challenges   that require immediate solution. Some of these include: Scarce    fresh    water    supplies    are    available    and    water    demand    is beginning to exceed available supplies Massive     backlogs     in     service     delivery     -     1.4     million     households, predominately    rural,    have    never    been    given    sanitation    services,    3.8 million households have inadequate sanitation services A   number   of   municipalities   are   in   a   crisis   state   with   respect   to   water   and sanitation services whilst numerous others are at high risk Huge   amounts   of   water   is   wasted   through   poor   management   and   limited recycling (grey water) systems. Unenclosed and undignified toilet systems are prevalent in all provinces  

The Solution...

  The      challenges      are      serious,      costly      to      resolve      and      require      holistic      long-term     solutions.      Earthstone      provides   some      novel   solutions   and   an   international   network   of suppliers and experts to ensure that those we don’t have can be arranged.   Our      focus      area      is      particularly      local      governments      and      niche      applications   such   as mining,     industry,     housing     and     other     localised     areas,     whether     its     greenfield       developments      or      retrofitting      existing      systems.      Our      mission      in   providing      sanitation     solutions        is        restoring        people’s        dignity        and        ensuring    healthy    prosperous communities.   Our   sanitation   products   also   form   part   of   a   wider   group   of   sustainability technologies,   from   individual   products   such   solar   energy   and   sanitation   systems   to designing mixed-use, sustainable human settlements.
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